Eagle Bio-Fuels

  • Eagle Bio-Fuels sells wood pellets, corn and corn & wood pellet blends for pellet and multi-fuel stoves, furnaces and boilers.
  • Eagle offers you 2 different grades of pellets: Super Premium and Premium grade pellets at an affordable price.
  • All pellets are Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) certified and tested. Look for the PFI label on the bag.
  • Eagle has added a personal guarantee to the back of the bag for customer satisfaction.
  • All corn and corn blend products have been tested by the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute to meet Eagle's quality standards.
  • Many American heat appliance manufacturers have tested Eagle products in their stoves.
  • All products come in 40# bags; some are available in bulk or 1 ton tote bags.

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Eagle Super Premium Pellet


Test Results

Moisture 4.42%
Ash .25%
BTU/lb 8779

Moisture Free Test

Ash .26%
BTU/lb 9185

Dakota high quality pine pellet utilizes 100% pine timber and no bark is added. Highly recommended for low stove maintenance without sacrificing heat.

Eagle Premium Wood Pellet


Test Results

Moisture 2.64
Ash .37%
BTU/lb 8224

Moisture Free Test

Ash .38 %
BTU/lb 8446

A hardwood pellet made from oak, maple and birch. Double screened for limited dust in the bag.

Eagle Premium Pine Pellet


Test Results

Moisture 4.42%
Ash .25%
BTU/lb 8779

Moisture Free Test

Ash .26%
BTU/lb 9185

Colorado Pine Pellet with consistent heating quality for a lighter budget. Eagle’s owner uses this product in her multi-fuel stove on regular winter days. We are currently clearancing this label, so contact us about special pricing on this particular pellet!

Eagle 30 Corn/70 Wood Pellet

Ash > 1%
BTU 8100

A new blended ratio combined for maximum stove heat output and can be burned in both pellet and corn stoves. During subzero weather, Eagle’s owner uses this product in her multi-fuel stove.

Eagle Corn


Yellow #2 Corn hybrid selected for heating is dried to 12% and super clean! Maximum customer satisfaction!

Eagle 50 Corn/50 Hardwood Pellet


Eagle 50 Corn/50 Wood Pellet can be used in corn or multi-fuel stoves. Enjoy the coziness of the corn and burst of heat units from the wood pellets.

Ash >1%
BTU 8000

Eagle 75 Corn/25 Hardwood Pellet


Eagle 75 Corn/25 Wood Pellet makes for better ignition and breaks up the ash cleaner than burning straight corn. Used in the Kruger Family Farm’s outdoor boiler.

Ash > 1%
BTU 7600+

Eagle 25 Corn/75 Hardwood Pellet


Eagle 25% Corn/ 75% Wood Pellet is Eagle’s best selling blend because it can be used in corn and pellet stoves. Because the corn takes longer to burn, this blend extends the burn time without sacrificing the heat and with minimal ash.

Ash < 1%
BTU 8200


I am very thankful for the Eagle Bio-Fuels and the products they produce. This is the second winter I have owned my corn/pellet stove and my first winter receiving Eagle Bio-Fuels 75 corn/25 hardwood pellet blend. I cannot be happier as the product is cleaned far better than I could do myself and their customer service is great; personal and professional. I can call and tell them how many bags I have left and they deliver the product so my stove keeps running! Running my corn stove gives back to the local economy (our very own local farmers!) versus the rich oil companies, which I believe is so very important.

Again, thank you Eagle Bio-Fuels for the great service and products that you produce and deliver in order to keep my family warm and cozy in our Minnesota winters!

Dana Guderian
Spring Valley, MN

I got 2 tons of 50/50 mix from you and it is working out great. It burns hot and seems to have little ash. Thanks- I'll be talking to you late in the summer

Pete Schilling
Gaylord, MN